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Devil Eyes Light

Devil Eyes Light

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  • Standard Type: 3 colors (Red, green&blue) devil eyes images plus the Sharingan eye image.
  • Customizable Type: 3 colors (Red, green&blue) devil eyes images plus the Sharingan eye image and support uploading your customized picture/gif (within 1MB 240*240 pixel, picture need with JPG format).  For orders released after June 15th, the phone connection method is the same with the standard type.


  • Voltage:
    • Type C Port: For USB connection at 5V.
    • Adapter Cable: Includes a 12V adapter cable (red wire for positive, black wire for negative. Note: The reverse connection will burn the lamp.)
  • Working temperature: -10℃—65℃
  • Light Diameter: 4.9cm/1.93inch
  • Package: 1 pcs light
  • Choose Patterns from Console(IP page): For orders released before June 15th, the connection methods for standard and customizable types differ when interfacing with smartphones (watch the video for details). However, starting from June 15th, both standard and customizable types utilize a simpler WiFi connection method.


    • Before installation, test the light with a stable power supply: use a power bank at 5V (or a type C USB cable connected to your computer for power supply).
    • Ensure the power supply is stable at either 5V (via Type-C USB cable) or 12V (with the provided adapter cable). Voltage higher than this will burn the light. 
    • When using a 12V supply, connect the Devil Eye light to power before switching it on. Connect the red wire to the positive and the black wire to the negative; incorrect connections can damage the lamp.
    • Each light connects to different wifi independently.
    • Not waterproof
    • This is for DIY use, we don’t have instructions for installation.

Connect Tutorial( You can also follow the below video to connect)

    1. Power Connection Options: Use either a 5V Type-C USB cable or a 12V adapter cable. If using the 12V adapter cable, connect the power supply first, then turn on the device.
    2. WiFi Setup: On your phone's WiFi settings, look for networks with name starting with 'EYES_" 
    3. Connection Steps: Connect to each network separately. Use the password '12345678' for each light's network(if it requests a password).
    4. Pattern Selection: They work independently but you can choose the same pattern for each.
    5. Control Access: Open your phone's browser and enter to access the control panel where you can select different animations.
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Smart Phone Connect Tutorial

Customer Reviews

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Horacio Rodriguez
Look great

Look great even in day light but u can only do one design @ a time I wish it will play @ least 3 design or eyes

Manuel Benito Velasco Torres

Llegaron muy rápido y si me gustaron, tengo duda se le puede cambiar el color de los ojos o solamente son verdes


Very good product

Lara Daniel
intresting product

Thanks for the support from Blazexel for how to connect to change images

Peter Lee

Very nice item, was well pack and delivery was fast